See Yahoo Yahoo boy we dem catch dey eat shit for Warri.. See Pictures and Video


No be small thing oh, for where them go catch this yahoo yahoo boy dey eat another person shit for the sake of YahooPlus.
This yahoo yahoo boy talk say na him babalawo say make e go chop person shit, say if e chop am. Anything wey him ask him maga the maga go give am..

E come still talk say the first one wey he do no work that is why e dey chop another shit so e go fit bill him maga $20,000 (that one na over 20 million oh).

E come still talk say them be for boys wey go the Babalawo place and the remaining once don make am.. na only am remain..

Watch the video make you see am:

Our Niaja don dey Turn another thing oh.. Make God helep us ooooh

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  1. tony okoh says

    Naija we need baba God intervention

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