See wetin Graduate Put Online, If na Your Younger brother wetin you go do am?


This one bad gan…
And this one go come out come tell us say na graduate e be abi? The kind tunder wey go fire am go come from Sambisa come join with the one for Iraq.

Make you self carry you eye see wetin dey go on online. As University student ey just finish him final exam come decide to share him pics online before e come tun gbege.,

See the pics na:

The Bad guy say:

He came, He Saw e come Cancer

Make e come be say this bad guy na your younger brother wey you don spend money for him head since e dey primary school, and he come do this kind thing after e claim to be graduate.

The Question wey We for PIGINLOADED wan ask you be say:

If this guy na your brother and he come post this kind thing wetin you go do am? 

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