Rosa Nation hook up with the winner of Omidan Asa Ile Yoruba 2019. Below is the exclusive chat with the cultural beauty queen.

Can we meet you? 
My name is Queen Omotoke Oodupefoluwa 5.7inches, a model and actress.
Tell us about your educational background? 
I attended kemwal nursery and primary school ibadan, I also had my secondary school at Adura international model college at ibadan. I thereafter attended Tai solarin university of education Ijagun, Ijebu- Ode, Ogun state where I studied library and information science.
Can you tells how you won the contest  Omidan Asa Ile Yoruba ?
I can’t say this is one main reason why I won the contest,but I know God actually want me to win this,because Is a copied assignment which I don’t understand.
Can you tell us about your projects or upcoming project for 2019 as Omidan Asa Ile Yoruba ?
I have many projects for Omidan Asa ile yoruba, visitations to orphanages homes, checking the patients at the hospitals, clothing of children, giving alms  and lot more. 
How was your parent reaction to your choice of been a model? 
Hmmmm, My mum is not really  happy with it before, Cause she was not aware of some pageant have been to during my school days but when I got crowned as the Omidan Asa Ile Yoruba, she was happy 😆 
If you are to describe the feeling of winning the grand price as Omidan Asa Ile Yoruba, What will you say ?
Happiest human being.
We heard you are studying at Tasued. What is your course of study ? Then why modelling. 
Yes, Tai Solarin University of Education Ijagun, Ijebu- Ode ogun state, studying library and information science.
It was just passion, I realized that When you love what you do, you will enjoy it, sometimes you enjoy what you do but you don’t love and some other time, you love what you do but you don’t enjoy it. I guess I just love what I do and I am enjoying every bit of it. This is what I have always wanted and I love it 
You have gone for many contest can you name them and indicate where you won and lost ?
Five (5)
  1. Miss endowed  2013
  2. Miss redbricks 2014 
  3. Misscampus southwest Nigeria 2017
  4. Miss oyomesi 2018(Red Cross )
  5. Omidanasa ile yoruba 2019
I won 4 and I loose at Misscampus south west Nigeria 2017
What are the things you would like to achieve before you take a bow in your modelling career?
A lot: Brighter future, ushers of my own, CEO of many companies, having my own personal pageant and which is going to be worldwide then houses and cars for my parents and I, I think with that I can bow
Who are your role model ?
My mother
If you are to meet a living legend / idol who will it be?
Doctor Deji Adeleke
How do handle advances from the opposite sex?
I handled them by God Grace
How do you relax?
Sleeping, Traveling and Chatting with friends.
What your favorite quote?
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
Advice for the youths?
My Greatest Advice for Youths is that; It is Okay to Feel Lost. The World Is Not a Fairy Tails Anymore. People Come and Go, The Right Ones Always Stay. Food Experimentation is Very Natural. No Is A Very Important Word. It’s Your Life, not Theirs. Straight and simple: It’s Okay To Fail.

“Think before you speak. “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”Life Would Be Pretty Boring But please try your best and leave the rest.

Any vote of thanks or appreciation / special dedication?
My appreciation goes to Almighty God for keeping my life till this moment,my parent for bringing me to this world,friend and family for the love,and lastly I appreciate Rosa Nation for this. Thanks so much I love you all

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