Nawa oo: See Man wey Give 13 Years old Girl Belle inside Lagos

Policemen wey them attached to the Area G Police Command, Lagos State have don arreste one Saka Akonda sake of say e give him step-daughter of 13 bello.
Akonda 36, a furniture maker, wey dey live for Obawole, Iju, inside Lagos State, don fall inside station base on wetin police hear from the small girl uncle.
Akonda, wey them drag go the Magistrate Court for Ogba, don talk say him dey “in love” with the firl.
He say e surprise am say them carry police com arrest him, even after he don settled the matter amicably with the girl biological father.
Akonda, the father of two, talk say he don accept the responsibility for the underage girl wey him give belle so, Come add say he dey willing and ready to take good care of her.
He come talk say: 

Everything would have been okay, but it’s the girl’s father’s brother that is causing problem.

He was the person that encouraged the girl’s father to arrest me. Even when my wife said we should abort the girl’s pregnancy, I kicked against it.

I was afraid for her life. I don’t want her to die. I have been sponsoring the girl’s education since my wife came with her to my house.“Her father appreciated my effort on the girl.

Akonda talk say the police officer wey arrest am request the sum of N50,000 to take settle the case with the girl papa, but na only N10,000 he go fit raise.
He come still talk say:

Right now I’m begging the girl’s father to remember that I had been caring for the girl for long. Most times, her father doesn’t care for her.”

Akonda say him wife don leave am after them arrest am with police.
  • The girl’s uncle, Oladele Rasheed, 52, a driver, talk say the girl mother leave him brother house five years ago to marry Akonda.
Rasheed talk say:

The man who impregnated the little girl married my brother’s wife.

The woman abandoned her husband to go and live with this useless man, who has impregnated mother and daughter.

I want the law to take its due course and punish him for his wickedness.

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