Nawa o!! Ultrasound Scan Show Twins as them dey Kiss Inside them Mama belle (Video)


Rare ultrasound image wey them compile through the process of an X-ray don show us say the pikin wey dey for inside belle as them don engage themselves with kiss base on how them take position.

This sonogram picture wey come show us a pair of twins as them dey share kiss inside them mama belle, don melt their parents them hearts.

Them manage to photograph this moment during “first-time mom Carissa Gill’s 24-week ultrasound.”

“For inside the 2-D ultrasound wey them observe for the ogbonge doctor office, nobody don see that kind of closeness we twin go come dey together – we come see them face to face, this one na big shock,” Gill told ABC News.

“You go see their mouths as e dey open and close. E start when Bella dey kissing Callie for him cheek. lol☺☺☺

Abeg make you Watch the video here:-

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