My Pastor Pursue Me Comot for Church During Service Because Of This Small Reason.


See wetin Happen To Me for Sunday Service for Church

How you take Reason the matter?

E never tay wey I joined one church, I sabi how to play piano but no be well well. The church get pianist wey sabi wella and na him dey play for every church’s event.

The time wey them discover say I sabi how to play, them come give me the opportunity to dey play at least 2 times for inside one month. Honestly, I no see myself as a church worker because I never go for their meeting before. I dey only play when them tell me say make i play otherwise na to sit-down my thing for inside the congregation.

Last Sunday, I wear shirt with suit trouser come nak my things on better sandals enter church, and you know say i no supposed to tuck in my shirt with sandals. When I church na, naso pastor say make i go outside church to tuck in before I enter inside sote e come tell ushers make them no let me enter until I tucked in my shirt.

The service still dey go on and Shame catch me well well and i fell say na embarrassment be this one. Everybody eyes no gree comot for my body that time.

As i don too confused, I com vex comot for the church sharp sharp go another nearby church.

Na there I comr start to think,

Shey na by force say we go tuck in our shirts to take show how holy we be for inside church?

Wetin you fell say the pastor reason before e come pursue comot for inside church?

  • Shey Christians get dress code ni? Abi dem go judge me for final day sake on say i free my shirt inside church?

Wetin you Reason for this matter so?

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