My Konji Experience At “OCEANBLUE NITE CLUB IKEJA” Man Shares His Story [Warning, 18+]

Sho! o boy see wetin my eyez see ooo for this last saturday for lag. Na one of my friend say make we hook up club 4 ikeja since i came from abuja for a wedding.
Anywa sha, as i reach ikeja, my guy number no gree go again ooo, na the second day e con day tell me say in battery dey weak but i no too trust dat guy, e fit be say in go just hook one babe somewhere, the guy love toto no be small.
Long tori short, i sha discover say i dey on my own so i had to decide. na in my mind come remember say i don dey hear say some strippers club dey ikeja, na in i google am con hear tory about ocean Blue.
Long tori short, i just stopped the next available taxi and tell the guy say i dey go ocean blue for opebi, the guy billed me 1,000 and carry me join my bag reach the club. For front, apart from bouncers, i for become 2face say nothing dey happen for here but the bouncer fast pass me e just turn 2face say ‘no be small thing oo’ Long tori short, make i first arrange hotel wey i go relax, i find hotel around pay for room, drom my bag, bath my body come put perf go atm wdl money come go Ocean Blue, meanwhile before i left ikorodu, i don shark like 4 bottles os star so tail, i don dey maya small small.
At the ocean Blue entrance, den collect 2k from me ooo but i know care because i just wan enter the place. As i dey climb the staircase, i don dey see pictures of unclad girls wei den take art work design. Omo, wen i enter the Club proper, My prick rise in attention instanta.
See Blue film dey show for all the LCD on the wall. On the stage, hen, on the stage, this babe, with a very heavy Ikebe and full b**bs they dance on pole, e dy do me like say make i jumb to the stage, grab her big ikebe and beging they cane her with my long prick.
I just try hold body, wan do big boy, i say make den give me one bottle of star as i sit down at the bar directy facing the dancing girl we for now don remove her bra in a seductive way and dangling her pant to removal. sho! see succulent chest, see bosoms, walahi, i forgot to ask for the price of the beer, i just say ‘open the f**king beer for me’ to the waiter eve as my eyes and mind focused on the unclad b**bs and a*s we dey shake on the stage
No be small thing ooo. the girl don remove her pant completely. She day floor they dance, dey finger her toto. small time, one of the guy wey dey shark with me on the bar just waive the girl ooo, be for i know wetin dey happen, the girl don jumb on the bar marble pavement wher we put our drink open her toto infront of this man’s mouth they use her hand caress her cli**ris ‘ugagsgagsgagsgagsh, my prick double like say e go tear, like say e go break, see how men dey take hand repark dia prick inside trouser. ‘Give me another bottle of Star’ I told the waiter and before i say Jack robbinson, e don land for my table even as i dey feel the girl wey dey dance finger her p*ssy infront of that guy. The guy later put n500 on her toto.
Few minute after, the girl dance commot for stage unclad ooo. na den i come ask the waiter say hw much be my money, she come tell me say na 2k. i say for wetin? wetin i buy? the waiter say na 1k per bottle. Sho! beeer wey i dey buy for #200, even #180 for some limbo? well, God go judge una, i just pay the waiter 2k.
As i say make i dey stand up see weither i go dance small na so another girl, tall, slim lite complexioned with beads danced half unclad to the stage. wen i see this girl posture, i poured on my boxer instanta. make irush go gent clean up, na in i see the kind of lap dance wer don dey happen behind me.
About 15 girls wearing just sexy bra and pants moving around men sit down 4 dia lap commot their bra so that the man go fit play with bobby, take dia p*ssy lipps rubb d man turgid prick even as e dey inside trousers. See how wan man they groan, i know say e wan pour. yeye man. e go rich house now, in babe no go know wetin e don go do over nite.
Long tori short, this must not pass me bye. i go clean up come back and sit down dey await girl wey go lap dance me, before i say ope and close, they don surround me, i just look for one wey girt heavy manchester (b**bs), e tell me say na 1k, i say make she sit down do me well. O boy! no be small thing ooo. This girl sit down ooo, dey take in toto romance my prik inside toursers ooo. she commot her bra, i just they coddle her big chest, romance her bosoms ooooo. My prick rise to occassion strugling to run out of my jean troursers and enter this silly p*ssy wey dey disturb in peace. After e don tire me, i gave d girl 1k, and she commot.
i sha see one place wei den write VIP, i see men dey enter, na so i go there say i wan enter, den say i go pay 3k, i say no yawa. I pay enter the place. Omo! that place nalife s*x party. i dey read for some papers wey den say den no dey f**k the girls for the club, Bros na lie. VIP na s*x party life! na so i talk to this girl wer i been meet for dere deh dance say has i deh so me just wan make she f**k me na hin she tell me 15k i shout say how many years wewan deh f**k she laff comot na there my guy call me say hin don change location…that nite na nite of doings i later carry one opo for road give her 5k to cure my konji wer i been catch for oceanblue. Nonsence people*****

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Written by Segun Wonda

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