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Get Airtel Unlimited Data: Upto 1TB for FREE


Tweaking is just correct application of knowledge… There is nothing special in this tweak, some of us can testify to this, it is something that we have been enjoying for long, just that there is simple process added to the activation method and that it is what I want you to be aware of, if it is still new to you. 
It is not a cheat, but simply addition of knowledge. The package only exists on Airtel Network. Well, Airtel called it Social Bundle but to me, it has gone beyond Social Bundle.
Airtel Social Bundle can simply be accumulated the way you want to be use when the time is ripe.
For some days now you guys have been getting countless gigabytes.. accumulating 1GB from Airtel Social Bundle to the extent of getting up to 1terabytes!

This data is an official social bundle released by Airtel, it is just like etisalat SocialMe plan. The plan is restricted to only some social messengers like Facebook, Whatsapp plus Opera Mini only this plan was formally known as Airtel WFTB bundle.

I can see that some are still having problem on how to use this huge free data to browse or power all apps and even download files with it.
Well, this is to let you know that the old method I posted is still working fine with this latest Airtel social bundle cheat, it can be used to download anything of your choice.
In case you are yet to activate this Airtel social bundle cheat, simply follow the steps below to get it.
To Get Up To 1TB Airtel Social Bundle Data
  • First of all, dial *317# and you will be automatically opted in to SmartTRYBE Tariff.
  • After migration is successful, dial *688*1# to activate free 1GB.
To Accumulate Your Data
To get more free data, keep dialing *688*1# to get any amount of data you wish until you are tired.
NB: When trying to activate this free data, you may be getting annoying replies like “Application Down”, in that situation, don’t give up but keep trying and hope it’ll be successful.
Dial *140# to check your data balance

Without using any tweak, the free data will power your Facebook, Twitter, BBM and WhatsApp respectively including your Opera Mini. You can also stream and download with it.
To Use The Plan With Other Apps/Browsers
As usual, the opportunity is for Android device users only, but it can also be used on PC via tethering. It required VPN like, Psiphon Handler, Sypon Shield, Psiphon A+ Pro, QueenCee, Netify, or Pronet,
APN Settings
  • Apn: internet.ng.zain.com
  • Apn type: default,supl
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • Username and password: internet
Launch Psiphon, in the handler menu:
» Mark remove port
» Proxy type: Real Host
» Proxy server: nokia-s40-11-cust.opera-mini.net
» Real Proxy Type: HTTP
» Real Proxy Port: 80 or 8080
» Hit the Save button
» Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device and it will take you to the next phase
» Choose the Option Menu
» Under this Option menu, you will see Select Region, tap and select United State or you can as well choose Netherlands, Singapore or Germany.

» Go to your More Option settings and untick connect through HTTP Proxy
» Go back now to the main page of the Psiphon and tap the start button below, wait for few seconds for it to Connect. Then, fire up any browser and any other apps and start rocking your whooping data which valid for 25 days.

To Download With better Speed  on Opera Mini
» Launch your Opera Mini browser

» Visit this site roogen.com
» You will see url address Google.com at the bottom of the website
» Now look closely beside it, you will see a
» Go to the site button. Just click on it.
» Once you click that, a new page will come up mimicking Google.com homepage
» Now go to the file you want to download and copy the link inside the box then click Go To Site.
Your download will start instantly just like when you try downloading YouTube videos from a third party website
Enjoy it while it last.

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  1. Wonda Nation says

    I've got almost 100GB on my phone using this trick