Come see the reason why them arrest Bobrisky

Shortly after him come put as a gay, Them come arrest Bobrisky and many Nigerians link him arrest reach him confession.
Sote, Them Senior lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Festus Keyamo come talk say Bobrisky no go fit go jail sake on say e publicly admit say hime be hmosexual and them never catch am for where e dey do am.

See wetin him talk;

For me, you have to be caught in the act,” he said. 

Yes, it may amount to corrupting public moral when you go on social media to announce you are gay but we are talking about the law here and not sentiment and if we are talking about the law, the person has to be caught in the act.”

Except the person says he is gay and refers to a particular gay act that can be verified. For example, if Mr. A comes out on social media to say I am a thief, he cannot be arrested because his declaration that he is a thief cannot be linked to a particular act of stealing.”

Anybody can come out to say I am a kidnapper but if you do not link that declaration to a particular incident that happened, that person cannot be arrested.”

So also, if a person comes out to say I am gay and you can’t link it to a particular gay act that actually happened or that he was caught in the act, I think it is wrong for such a person to be arrested.” 

You can only be arrested when you consent to the act that can be verified. He can be arrested for saying that he is gay but it must be linked to a gay act that happened. You cannot be arrested for just saying you are gay,” Keyamo said. 

Though the rumors say them arrest am na him make Bobrisky confess wey them say identify am homosexual, Bobrisky talk say police arrest am on Tuesday base on the alleged petition wey them write against am by an entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani. 
According to Bobrisky, Lawani accuse am of say him dey collect her customers.
In an interview, Bobrisky come tell Linda Ikeji say:

Toyin Lawani asked her lawyer to write petitions against me that I worked for her and I’m selling cream to all her customers. Which was a fat lie. I never worked for Toyin. She was my friend. I can’t remember ever working for Toyin or learning how to make cream from her.”

Then she also said I threatened her. So we are going to Abuja because that was where the case was reported. Before she wrote petitions against me, she had already threatened me that she is giving me seven days to go to the internet and apologize to her which I said no way because she offended me. I think because I refused to apologize, she got the police involved.”

Bobrisky talk say them even confiscate hime phone for the police station, and them say am say e gats to wait till, morning wey them go carry am go Abuja.

Yesterday at the police station, I was sitting at the counter and I was told I needed to wait until morning to go to Abuja. My phone was taken from me so I couldn’t talk to anyone. I’m trying to get in touch with my lawyer and all the people I know,” Bobrisky added.

Lawani has since denied these allegations of being involved in his arrest. 

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