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PiginLoaded covers the entire Entertainment Industries in Nigeria with daily updates to educate and inform people about Entertainment, Latest News, Music, Videos, Comedy, Sports, Mixtapes and lot more in the Entertainment industries. Read more about us Here

Currently, PiginLoaded relies on a team of full-time and part-time writers to satisfy our day-to-day editorial needs. However, we are always happy to have individuals who are invested Entertainment to contribute their knowledge (and even do so on a regular basis). If you have something insightful you would like to share with our thousands of readers, you’re welcome to submit your piece to our editorial team as a Guest Blogger or Contributor.

In case if you want to share an eye-witness report or you have a post to share with us as a guest blogger on the community Click Here

Note: Below are what is required of you as our Author

  • You must be ready to abide to the guide for blogging on PiginLoaded
  • You will be required to publish at least 5 Posts daily.
  • You must show your interest and passion as a blogger
  • Your post must be meaningful
  • You must be ready to deliver original content
  • You have to share your posts and other contributors posts to your friends on social media
  • Lastly, You must not engage in Adsense click fraud.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for passionate people who are willing to work with the entire Wonda Nation team to actualize a stated goal and take PiginLoaded to the next level ushering us into the world of tomorrow. To that end, we want people who know what PiginLoaded is all about.

Typically, our contributor articles are between 100 and 2000 words.
They can be focused on Entertainment industries and its impact.

If you are interested

Contact Us now or Email Segun Wonda at [email protected] or click the button below to talk Chat on WHATSAPP